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App Genie Review

Damien McFerran

App Genie promises to be the Swiss Army Knife of the iPhone app world, but is it the sharpest tool in the box or a bit on the blunt side?


Verdict: App Genie offers a dazzling range of programs, most of which are really useful; having everything in one place saves on iPhone home screen clutter

Platform: iPhone and iPod touch

Pros: Lots of options for a low price, frees up space on your home screen

Cons: Not all apps are unlocked from the outset, many of these tools are available for free seperately, 3GS required for some tools

Version Reviewed: 1.1.2

Publisher: GP Imports

Price: 0.59p (Lite version available)

More Info: App Store or GP Imports site

With over 100,000 different apps available on the iPhone App Store it’s not unusual to feel slightly overwhelmed by the choice. Not only that, the sheer volume of different programs – each with a unique function – can make operating your device something of a headache; after all, there’s only so much space on your home screens that can be taken up by a myriad range of tools.

App Genie is a refreshing idea for two reasons; firstly, it offers 27 applications which all do different tasks – and therefore saves space on your phone – and secondly, it’s being offered for the unbelievably low price of 59p.

Prior to actually sampling what App Genie has to offer we will fully admit that we weren’t expecting much; 27 apps for under sixty pence seems almost too good to be true. However, this program offers a stunning variety of content and best of all, it’s well presented and thoughtfully put together.

We’d like to bet that you already have apps for measuring small distances, converting currency, converting weight, turning your screen into a rudimentary flashlight and reading your current battery level. However, all of those individual apps take up valuable room on your iPhone’s home screen, but with App Genie you can get all of these features – plus a heck of a lot more – all in one app, which occupies just one tile on your iPhone’s screen.

When you open up App Genie you’re presented with 24 different icons laid out in a grid which apes the standard iPhone homescreen layout. Some of these icons – like the camera tools one – open up into additional sub-menus, offering more apps.

Granted, some of the options available here are hardly what you’d call essential – the magnifier tool, for example, merely zooms in on your camera’s image, producing fairly horrendous results – but the majority of these programs will come in genuinely handy in the future.

For example, next time you’re fretting over how much to tip on a night out you can simply whip out your iPhone, fire up App Genie and use the Tip Calculator to find the answer. Likewise, finding your location is a breeze with the including Where Am I? tool.

Sadly, some of these tools require the unique features of the iPhone 3GS, so if you’re running an older phone you may want to think twice before downloading. It’s also rather annoying that to get the full suite of programs you have to recommend the app to a friend, which unlocks the 27th and final app.

Of course, it could be argued that App Genie merely offers stuff which is already available on the App Store – in fact, many of these apps can be obtained for no cost, although they obviously have to be downloaded individually – but App Genie definitely rates highly on the convenience scale and is sure to become a firm favourite with iPhone users.



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App Genie displays 24 different tool options, with other functions hidden in sub menus

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