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Quick Status - Facebook and Twitter Review

Damien McFerran

Tried of having to use two different apps when updating your social status? Quick Settings aims to unify your Twitter and Facebook existence


Verdict: Quick Status may not be feature-rich but it's the ideal one-step updating app for social butterflies

Platform: iPhone and iPod Touch

Pros: Quick and easy to use, allows you to geo-tag your posts

Cons: Lacks features and functionality

Version Reviewed: 1.2.1

Publisher: McLean Mobile Solutions

Price: £0.59

More Info: App Store

Although a wide range of different social networking portals have popped up over the past few years there are two names which stand out in the crowd: Facebook and Twitter. These two sites attract millions of users every day and are essential tools for any self-respecting net user.

However, because they’re two separate entities keeping your Facebook page and Twitter status updated can be a time-consuming task. You have to post to both accounts independently, which requires you to open two different applications. That’s where Quick Status comes in – this app allows you to post new content to both accounts in one fell swoop.

Opening Quick Status for the first time reveals a log-in screen where you must input the account details of both your Facebook and Twitter profiles. Once this is done you can type in a message – which is limited 140 characters, the maximum amount that Twitter can accept – and post it instantly to both profiles.

Outside of that, Quick Status doesn’t actually offer much more in the way of functionality. You can view your recent updates, share your current location via geo-tagging and tell people about the music you’re currently listening to on your iPhone, but aside from that there’s little else to speak of.

Bearing this in mind you definitely won’t want to replace your current dedicated Facebook and Twitter clients. Also, it’s worth bearing in mind that some other apps – such as TweetDeck – already offer the ability to post simultaneously to both profiles, as well as having a full range of other capabilities.

It could be said that expecting too much from Quick Status is foolish; the app is clearly constructed in order to offer a swift and painless method of keeping on top of your status updates, and to that end it’s certainly a success.

If you’re especially sold on your current Facebook and Twitter clients and don’t want to commit to TweetDeck’s alluring appeal then Quick Status is likely to be a solid download. However, we’d question paying 59p for such a limited app when there are other alternatives out there that arguably do a better job.



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