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Here's what iOS8 may look like on the iPhone 6
Sam Arojo

Some crafty video editing gives us a look at what iOS8 may look like on an iPhone 6 more...

Apple set to make Siri more intelligent than ever
Tom Morgan

Apple's Siri will soon be more intelligent than ever before following voice recognition staff changes, reports Wired. more...

Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini arrives with fingerprint scanning
Tom Morgan

The Galaxy S5 Mini will arrive with a host of clever features including a heart rate monitor, fingerprint scanning and a waterproof phone casing. more...

Audi to launch its first CarPlay cars in Europe in 2015
Mat Toor

Apple's driver-optimised CarPlay iOS infotainment interface will arrive on new Audi models early 2015 and in the US in 2016 more...

Watch Google tease Project Ara
Sam Arojo

New video gives us most realistic view of Project Ara modular phone yet. more...

Nokia X2 launched, Microsoft's first Android smartphone
Tom Morgan

Microsoft's Nokia X2 arrives with a 4.3-inch screen and a 5MP rear-facing camera, also sporting a budget price tag. more...

Premium HotBlack smartwatch aimed at football fans, offers match stats
Tom Morgan

Kickstarter's HotBlack smartwatch hopes to catch the attention of football fans, offering real-time scores and match stats. more...

Google Glass now in the UK, available for £1000
Tom Morgan

Google Glass has arrived in the UK via the group's Explorer programme, 2 years after its first unveiling at the 2012 I/O conference. more...

Amnesty launches 'Panic Button' anti-kidnap app
Mat Toor

Amnesty rolls out a new Android app that turns mobile phones into secret panic buttons to alert colleagues and friends when an activist is in danger more...

Apple iWatch to come in range of sizes and have 10+ sensors - report
Mat Toor

The Apple iWatch will have over 10 health-and-fitness focused sensors and come in a range of screen sizes, according to the Wall Street Journal more...

KABLAM, 'world's strongest screen protector', now on Kickstarter
Tom Morgan

KABLAM on Kickstarter is said to be the world's best at protecting your mobile or tablet, also pitched as the first protector customisable to 'any size'. more...

Watch Amazon unveil the Fire phone
Sam Arojo

Watch Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos introduce the Amazon Fire phone more...

Microsoft's voice-activated Cortana coming to UK and China 'soon'
Tom Morgan

Personal assistant tool Cortana will be arriving in the UK and China for Windows Phone sooner rather than later, according to a Microsoft employee. more...

Amazon Appstore hits 240,000 apps
Mat Toor

Amazon's curated Appstore for Android and Kindle Fire platforms grows 300% year-on-year to 240,000 apps more...

Steamboy console will let you play Valve games on the move
Tom Morgan

Steamboy is expected next year and is powerful enough to play 'the majority' of Steam's most popular games. Half Life on a handheld, anybody? more...

Best of CES 2014

4K Streaming

Tom Morgan

We could soon be watching our favourite shows in glorious 4K, all from the comfort of our sofa. more...

NueVue 'One Swipe Clean' iPhone and iPod cases

NueVue iPhone case The NueVue range of swipe clean iOS device cases show that great ideas don't necessarily require cutting edge tech more...
  • Kolibree: The internet-connected toothbrush
  • PlayStation Now

Worst of CES 2014

Cogito smartwatch

Sam Arojo

Finally a beautifully crafted smartwatch. So what's the problem? more...

Panasonic's 4K 20" tablet

Sam Arojo

Panasonic go for the bigger, brighter, sharper approach to their new tab device more...
  • LG HomeChat
  • Wearable Tech
  • The 'Internet of Things'

Mobile News Updates

As Apple vs Samsung approaches conclusion, Samsung argues Apple’s features are worth cents

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New testimony brought forth on Samsung's behalf suggests Apple is asking significantly more for its patents than what they are really worth.


Benchmark suggests the Nvidia Shield 2 will come with Tegra K1 SoC and 4GB RAM

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A listing on AnTuTu has revealed that the Nvidia Shield 2 will feature Nvidia's new Tegra K1 SoC and 4GB of RAM.

  • Add a 3D effect to your shots with Google Camera and Depthy
  • LG-LS990 (LG G3) specs detailed in Sprint UA profile, QHD display appears again (Updated)
  • Samsung prototypes reveal Galaxy designs with 2K displays and a new Exynos SoC