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Apple to open new Covent Garden store

Asavin Wattanajantra

Apple’s path to world domination sees no sign of stopping, as the company revealed that it will be opening a new store in Covent Garden.

The company already has stores in Regents Street, White City’s Westfield Centre and others, set to open on 7 August. It will be the company’s 22nd store in the UK, and expected to pull in as many people as the store openings in France and China.

Apple’s year has been better than perhaps even the company has expected, with the iPad creating a tablet market and the iPhone 4 putting it on the top of the smartphone tree.

This is even though suffering bad publicity with iPhone 4 antenna issues, which forced Apple to provide free bumpers for all who were affected.

Now the PA Consulting Group has put its oar in, claiming in a report that the smartphone did suffer connectivity issues compared to other devices.

It said that when handset users carried the phone using the ‘death grip’, the iPhone 4’s performance was significantly worse than other smartphones.

But judging from the store openings, sales and the waiting lists for the iPhone 4, it doesn’t seem to have affected Apple all that much.



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