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Apple adds Motorola Droid X to ‘antennagate’

Asavin Wattanajantra

Apple has added the Motorola Droid X to its list of shame, the devices that it has put on its website that lose signal strength if held in a certain way.

It joins the iPhone 4, BlackBerry Bold 9700, HTC Droid Eris, Nokia N97 Mini, Samsung Omnia 2 and iPhone 3GS as smartphones that Apple has shown as examples of devices that suffer signal loss when held in a certain way with the left hand.

Apple has already given its answer to the problem, by giving away free iPhone 4 cases to every iPhone 4 purchaser that wants one. But it still want to prove the susceptibility of all smartphones to the problem, which of course hasn’t made other manufacturers particularly happy.

In the Motorola Droid X’s case, the signal would be cut if held in a certain way with the right hand.

Motorola of course won’t be happy at all with this, as the Droid X is an example of a new Android super phones that it hopes will be one of the devices carrying it to the top  of the mobile phone food chain once again.

Apple not likely to gain any friends by pulling other manufacturers into its problems in this way, but it does prove that it is not alone in the problem.



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