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Windows Phone 7 Series partners announced

Asavin Wattanajantra

Microsoft has confirmed that HTC, Samsung, Dell, LG and Asus will be the hardware partners at launch.

According to Pocket-Lint Greg Sullivan, senior project manager for Microsoft, said we should expect the handsets at launch from the companies. This confirms certain rumours flying around the web.

Details of the Dell Lightning have already been reported, which will be a Windows Phone 7 device. HTC and Samsung have confirmed devices.

Some will have a QWERTY keyboard together with a full touchscreen, and the operating system will not be exclusive to one operator, a concerted effort by Microsoft to get the OS out to as many people as possible.

Sullivan said, “We will offer the best aspects of Android and the best of the iPhone, giving users the flexibility of different form factors, but with the rigidity of apps that are guaranteed to work on every device that is out there.”

Windows Phone 7 also has work to do to beat BlackBerry systems, which has overtaken Windows Mobile’s go-to role for business people in the past few years.

As for Android and Google, Sullivan was coy, “By the time we will launch, we won't have to worry about stealing customers from other operating systems, there will a new wave of smartphone users to embrace for us to still be successful.”



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