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Apple offers free case for iPhone 4 woes

Asavin Wattanajantra

Apple has offered a free case for all iPhone 4 owners, after an emergency press conference was held where Steve Jobs apologised for reception problems, but said it was an industry-wide issue.

It will offer a free case to every owner of an iPhone 4 from 22 July who applies via the Apple website. The company can’t make enough for all owners, but will offer a range of cases from suppliers.

According to reports of the retail case prices, the effort could end up costing Apple around £118 million. The cases will be offered to until 30 September.

The offer comes after a problem was reported widely about an issue where phone signal strength was drained if the phone was held in a particular way.

Countering the accusations, Jobs said it was a media storm created from a minor issue that affected a small minority of users.

Jobs also claimed in a video that the signal drops affected other phones from BlackBerry, Nokia and Samsung, which the companies were quick to react against, trying to distance themselves from media storm.

Companies said that Apple could have avoided the problem if it allowed operators to test out the phone before putting it up on sale.



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