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The iPhone 4 bursts into flames

Asavin Wattanajantra

A report has shown images of an iPhone 4 which had apparently burst into flames, resulting in burns for the user

Pictures provided for Boy Genius Report provided by an AT&T employee showed images of a fried iPhone 4 which was sent to a store for repair but looked unfixable.

It was said to have caught on fire while being hooked to a computer using an Apple USB cable which accompanied the device.

The source said the phone bezelo went extremely hot and slightly burned the user’s hand.

Apple has had problems of this kind before. It has been previously reported that MacBook batteries also went faulty resulting in combustion in the past.

A reader called Carlos Martins also wrote a post on the story claiming that he was faced with an ‘excess temperature’ warning with the iPhone 4 entering ‘safe mode’.

He wrote, “A couple days ago, while doing a UStream from my iPhone 4 I had to plug it to charge it (while streaming), and in a couple of minutes I got my first ever “excess temperature” warning – with the iPhone entering safe mode!)”

“Yesterday, as I plugged it to charge at night like usual, it began heating up seriously!”

“I suspect there’s a serious bug in the charging algorithm: i rebooted the iPhone (while plugged in; so no chance for “bad plug/connection) and it began charging as it should, in a much cooler and normal way.”

“One more bug Apple needs to fix urgentely for 4.0.1!”




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