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Smartphone users turned off Nokia

Asavin Wattanajantra

A new survey revealed that Nokia is lagging further behind its smartphone competitors than six months ago.

According to the YouGov Smartphone Mobile Internet Experience study, of smartphone users only a third will expect to get a Nokia as a new handset, compared to 46 per cent in December 2009. This is a drop of 10 per cent.

Apple holds sway over the market, with 56 per cent of smartphone users considering and 41 per cent expecting to get an iPhone next time around.

Although it is losing popularity, the Nokia name still has resonance, as the 46 per cent figure is still larger than 31 per cent with BlackBerry and 18 per cent going with HTC.

Most worryingly for Nokia is the fact that even less people were willing to recommend one of its smartphones. Its ‘recommend score’ dropped by 15 per cent to just 12 per cent.

They key reasons for this fall included lack of apps, poor quality of the OS, and some wanting to change the brand.

Russell Feldman, Research Manager in YouGov’s technology and telecoms team said, “Where Nokia once led the market, it has drastically fallen by the wayside...significantly outperformed by both Apple’s Apps store and Android Marketplace.”

“The results of our data consistently show that the market leader is fast becoming an also-ran in the smartphone market. New products, software and apps are needed soon if Nokia is to keep up with its rivals.”




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