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Nokia could collaborate with Android

Asavin Wattanajantra

Nokia could collaborate with Android in the future, according to the director of its MeeGo, the operating system set up with Intel.

According to Fierce Developer, Valtteri Halla said that there could be cooperation between Meego and Android. It could also make its cross platform development toolset Qt work much closer with Android.

He said, “There will be certain cooperation and convergence between MeeGo and Android going forward - there's an interesting opportunity to share that investment and commonalities and compliances there over time.”

Although Nokia is focusing more on MeeGo with high end devices like tablets, he made it clear that Symbian was still its priority. There was a suggestion that MeeGo would power the top of the range N series while Symbian focused on the X series.

He said MeeGo and Symbian were "different platforms, but we're both using similar technologies as we go forward, and the APIs are based on the Qt developer toolkit and API, and the Qt software developers kit, so that provides a really broad basis of commonality between the two platforms."

Symbian has obviously had its problems in the face of a barrage of smartphone competition, but we await its open source Symbian^3, on the Nokia's N8 to see whether it can match up.



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