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How to set the Lock Code on the Nokia N81 8GB

How to enable the Lock Code on the Nokia N81 8GB smartphone to keep your data safe and prevent unauthorised phone calls

The Nokia N81 8GB smartphone is essentially a very mobile personal computer and as such it has the capacity to store a lot of personal information.

So it makes a lot of sense if you're a business or personal user to utilise the N81 8GB's built-in security features to make sure that if you do lose your handset you can be sure your data is safe. It also stops unsavoury people making long distance calls on your stolen or lost phone.

  1. Click on the Main Menu shortcut key and in the Main Menu click on Tools
  2. In the Tools screen click on Settings
  3. In the Settings screen click on General
  4. Scroll down and select Security
  5. In the Security menu click on Phone and SIM card
  6. Scroll down and select Lock Code
  7. Now enter ‘'12345'’ and then choose OK with the left Selection key. (Note: '12345'’ is the default lock code for the Nokia N81 8GB)
  8. Enter your new lock code then choose OK. Your lock code can only include the numbers 0 to 9. You will be asked to confirm it. Do this then choose OK
  9. Now click on Phone autolock period. You can set your phone to lock itself automatically after a predefined time period. To do this click on User defined with the scroll key. Enter the number of minutes after which you want the phone to automatically lock itself and choose OK. You can also set up an Autolock period for your Keypad just select Keypad autolock period
  10. You will have to enter the lock code you set up and then choose OK, and finally you get the message ‘'Code accepted'. Now after the period of time you set the Nokia N81 8GB will lock itself to keep your data private.



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Nokia N81 8GB with auto-lock code enabled Enabling the Lock Code on the N81 8GB can save you stress and money
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