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User Guides 10.06.2010
HTC Touch Pro2

How to set up and use Wi-Fi on the HTC Touch Pro2

Setting up and using Wi-Fi on the HTC Touch Pro2 for high speed data connectivity via home, office or public Wi-Fi networks more...
User Guides 10.06.2010
HTC Touch Pro2

How to set up push internet pages on the HTC Touch Pro2

Setting up automatic web page updates for your HTC Touch Pro2 using push internet more...
User Guides 10.06.2010
HTC Touch Pro2

How to set up favourite contacts on the HTC Touch Pro2's home screen

Get your favourite contacts right at your fingertips using the HTC Touch Pro2's home screen contacts - we show you how more...
User Guides 04.06.2010
Samsung Omnia Pro B7610

How to customise home screen modes on the Samsung Omnia Pro B7610

Swap home screen modes for different 'Work' and 'Life' displays - we show you how to set up and customise your Samsung Omnia Pro B7610 more...
User Guides 03.06.2010
Samsung Omnia Pro B7610

How to set up and use Bluetooth on the Samsung Omnia Pro B7610

Setting up and using Bluetooth to send files and communicate wirelessly with other Bluetooth devices more...
User Guides 01.06.2010
Samsung Omnia Pro B7610

How to set up and use Widgets on the Samsung Omnia Pro B7610

Set up, customise and download new home screen Widgets for the Samsung Omnia Pro B7610 more...
User Guides 27.05.2010
Samsung Omnia Pro B7610

Setting up and using Wi-Fi on the Samsung Omnia Pro B7610

How to set up and use Wi-Fi connectivity on the Samsung Omnia Pro B7610 Windows Phone more...
Smartphone News 05.03.2010
Opera Mini Beta 5 browser screenshot

Opera Mini browser goes native on Windows Mobile 5 & 6 handsets

Paul Nesbitt
Opera Software has launched a native version of Opera Mini 5 beta for Windows Mobile 5- and 6-based handsets. more...
Smartphone News 16.02.2010
Microsoft Windows Phone 7

At last! Microsoft shows off Windows Phone 7. But no new phones till 'holiday 2010'

Paul Nesbitt
Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, used his keynote address at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona to show off Windows Phone 7, the long-awaited upgrade to Microsoft's Windows Mobile 6.5 smartphone OS. The name change is to underline the message that the upgrade is a major one.
Reviews 29.01.2010

Samsung Omnia Pro B7610 review

We review the Omnia Pro from Samsung, a highly specced smartphone that utilises Windows Mobile 6.5 more...
Smartphone News 26.01.2010

BIG NEWS - HTC HD3 leaked specifications

Richard Goodwin
A Chinese website,, has leaked the specifications of HTC HD3 on the internet. If the source is to be believed and the specifications are correct, the HTC HD3 will be a serious force to be reckoned with.
Smartphone News 20.01.2010
pink phones

Microsoft to launch its own smartphone as soon as February

Paul Nesbitt
Microsoft will follow Apple and Google into the smartphone business by launching its own-branded smartphone as soon as February, according to a research note by US analyst Katherine Egbert of Jeffries. more...
Smartphone News 14.01.2010

HTC HD2 coming to Virgin Media

Richard Goodwin
Virgin Media has confirmed that it will be begin selling the 1GHz Snapdragon HTC HD2 very soon, making it the first HTC device available on the network.
Smartphone News 13.01.2010

Microsoft Windows Mobile 7 delayed until 2011

Richard Goodwin
Microsoft Windows Mobile 7 has had its roll-out date pushed back until 2011 and will be first aired at the World Mobile Congress in Barcelona.
Smartphone News 08.01.2010

Microsoft hints at February release for Windows Mobile 7.0

Paul Nesbitt
During his CES keynote Microsoft CEO, Steve Ballmer hardly mentioned Windows Mobile 7.0 other than to say that all would be revealed at February's GSM Mobile Congress in Barcelona. This strongly points to a February launch for Windows Mobile 7.0 although phones running Microsoft's OS will appear later this year. more...
Smartphone News 05.01.2010

Windows Mobile phones hit by Y2K+10 bug

Richard Goodwin
Mobile devices running Windows Mobile have been struck by a bug that has been referred to as the Y2K+10 bug.
Reviews 14.12.2009

LG GM750 review

We review the LG GM750, a sleek-looking device, with both Windows Mobile Professional 6.5 and S-class user interfaces on board. more...
Smartphone News 11.12.2009
Android logo

Wave of Android smartphones to hit Europe in 2010

Paul Nesbitt
The Android platform looks set to take off in 2010 with the news that both Acer and HTC are planning to launch families of Android smartphones between them more...
Smartphone News 24.11.2009

T9 Touchscreen Techies Zap iPhone on Faster Texting Claims

Paul Nesbitt
A video has been posted on YouTube claiming to show how much faster you can type data on a smartphone touchscreen using a new technology called Swype, compared to typing on an iPhone.
Reviews 20.11.2009

Acer beTouch E101 review

We review the beTouch E101, Acer's budget smartphone, but is it worth compromising on price? more...
Reviews 19.11.2009

HTC HD2 review

We review the HTC HD2, the most fully-featured Windows Mobile smartphone on the market more...
Smartphone News 17.11.2009

Windows Mobile App Store now open to all versions

Richard Goodwin
In light of a declining market share, Windows has opened up its new Apps Store to all versions of Windows Mobile.
Smartphone News 16.11.2009

Gartner: Windows Mobile OS facing meltdown amidst smartphone boom

Paul Nesbitt
Windows Mobile lost 28% of its market share in the smartphone market in one year, according to Gartner. And the research outfit painted a grim outlook for Microsoft in the smartphone market as its OS gets squeezed between proprietary systems from Apple and RIM on one side and open source OSes like Android and Symbian on the other. more...
Reviews 29.10.2009

HTC Touch2 review

We review the HTC Touch2 - the first HTC smartphone to run Windows Mobile 6.5 more...
Reviews 21.09.2009

HTC Touch Pro2 review

Dave Oliver
Bulky and heavy but the HTC Touch Pro2 smartphone is a good business workhorse. more...


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