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Smartphone News 30.07.2010

HTC Desire to get Android 2.2 update

Asavin Wattanajantra
Owners of one of the most popular smartphones around will get the Android Froyo 2.2 update this weekend. more...
Smartphone News 26.07.2010
HTC Desire

HTC smartphones will use Super LCD screens

Asavin Wattanajantra
HTC has announced that it will go for Super LCD (SLCD) in some of its HTC Desire and Google Nexus One smartphones. more...
Smartphone News 23.07.2010
Windows Phone 7

Windows Phone 7 Series partners announced

Asavin Wattanajantra
Microsoft has confirmed that HTC, Samsung, Dell, LG and Asus will be the hardware partners at launch. more...
User Guides 10.06.2010
HTC Touch Pro2

How to set up and use Wi-Fi on the HTC Touch Pro2

Setting up and using Wi-Fi on the HTC Touch Pro2 for high speed data connectivity via home, office or public Wi-Fi networks more...
User Guides 10.06.2010
HTC Touch Pro2

How to set up and use email on the HTC Touch Pro2

Setting up and using email on the HTC Touch Pro2 Windows Mobile smartphone more...
User Guides 10.06.2010
HTC Touch Pro2

How to set up push internet pages on the HTC Touch Pro2

Setting up automatic web page updates for your HTC Touch Pro2 using push internet more...
User Guides 10.06.2010
HTC Touch Pro2

How to set up and use Bluetooth on the HTC Touch Pro2

Setting up and using Bluetooth on the HTC Touch Pro2 to communicate wirelessly with other devices more...
User Guides 10.06.2010
HTC Touch Pro2

How to set up favourite contacts on the HTC Touch Pro2's home screen

Get your favourite contacts right at your fingertips using the HTC Touch Pro2's home screen contacts - we show you how more...
Smartphone News 09.06.2010

Vodafone gets X10 Mini and Wildfire

Asavin Wattanajantra
Vodafone has picked up another two Android handsets with the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini and the HTC Wildfire. more...
Reviews 24.05.2010

HTC Smart review

HTC Smart is the company's latest budget smartphone which features the cut-price Brew operating system more...
Smartphone News 02.05.2010
Android logo

Google Android is taking off in the UK

Asavin Wattanajantra
The Android mobile phone platform seems to be taking off in the UK, with almost one in five smartphones sold being an Android device. more...
Smartphone News 21.04.2010

Palm headed for the abyss?

Paul Nesbitt
Palm has some nice smartphones in its range, but the company is in deep financial trouble and analysts are predicting its demise if a buyer doesn't step in. more...
Smartphone News 14.04.2010

LG announces new Android LU2300 phone

Asavin Wattanajantra
It's LG’s turn to show off a new Android phone, with the LU2300 more...
Smartphone News 13.04.2010

Troubled Palm could be up for sale

Asavin Wattanajantra
The struggling smartphone maker Palm is up for sale, according to reports. more...
Reviews 07.04.2010

HTC Desire

Dave Oliver
We review the HTC Desire, which has everything the Legend has and more more...
Smartphone News 30.03.2010
Microsoft Windows Phone 7

HTC promises Windows Phone 7 smartphone before end of 2010

Paul Nesbitt
HTC may be best known for its selection of Android handsets, but HTC recently reaffirmed its commitment to Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 smartphone OS. more...
Smartphone News 29.03.2010
HTC Desire

Virgin Media offers nlimited internet access from just £15 per month

Paul Nesbitt
Virgin Media has cut network prices for customers on monthly and SIM-only plans, so that customers on SIM-only plans can now get unlimited internet access for just £15 per month. more...
User Guides 25.03.2010

How to get the most out of your HTC Hero

Richard Goodwin
We outline 10 simple ways to help you get the most out of your HTC Hero more...
Smartphone News 22.03.2010
Sprint 4G commercial for WiMAX

First 'WiMAX' mobile to be launched in the US this summer

Paul Nesbitt
US network Sprint will unveil a smartphone, built by HTC, which will run on a WiMAX network in the US, in a move which could hasten the adoption of so-called 4G technology around the world. more...
Smartphone News 18.03.2010

HTC will fight Apple's patent lawsuits: highlights its own innovations

Paul Nesbitt
HTC has come out swinging in its defence against Apple's patent lawsuit alleging that it unlawfully uses iPhone technology in its smartphones.
Smartphone News 16.03.2010

Vodafone will offer three HTC handsets in the UK in April

Paul Nesbitt
Vodafone will release three HTC smartphones – the Legend, the Desire and the Google-branded Nexus One – in the UK in April; all three smartphones will run Android 2.1. more...
Reviews 15.03.2010

HTC Legend review

The replacement to Hero, the HTC Legend is the best Android smartphone to date more...
Analysis 09.03.2010

Apple lawsuit is scaring the hell out of smartphone makers

Paul Nesbitt
Apple's lawsuit against HTC has left most of the smartphone industry delaying plans for new handsets and planning workarounds to avoid Apple patents, with some even reconsidering their commitment to Google's Android. more...
Smartphone News 08.03.2010
HTC Desire

HTC Desire arrives in UK in April

Paul Nesbitt
HTC's Desire will be available in the UK from 1 April from and costing £440 for a SIM-free unlocked package. more...
Analysis 04.03.2010

Apple's plans to derail the Android project.

Paul Nesbitt
Apple's suit against HTC is almost certainly a dry run for a series of suits by the iPhone maker, which is determined not to let Google's Android take sales away from the iPhone. And with Apple and Nokia also embroiled in legal actions, industry analysts predict that smartphone sector could become tied up legal spats over technology patents. more...


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