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Intel will offer a customizable chip to keep data center clients happy
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To ensure that ARM or other alternative architectures don't gain ground in the data center, Intel is launching a customizable chip that marries its Xeon CPUs with an FPGA. more...

Facebook has built its own switch. And it looks a lot like a server
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Facebook has built its own networking switch and developed a Linux-based operating systems to run it. The goal is to create networking infrastructure that mimics a server in terms of how its managed and configured. more...

The Nest Protect returns at a cheaper price and with one less feature
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The Nest Protect smoke detectors is back on the Google Play store with a lower price and the feature that led to a recall in April disabled. more...

What is Project RoseLine and why did it get $4M in federal money?
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Timing is everything, and getting both the time right and making sure it stays synchronized across unreliable networks for the internet of things is the key challenge behind a recent NSF grant. more...

Why Microsoft is building programmable chips that specialize in search
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Microsoft has been experimenting with its own custom chip effort in order to make its data centers more efficient, and these chips aren't centered around ARM-based cores, but rather FPGAs from Altera. more...


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